>Nifty Trading System

Nifty Futures Trading using simple mechanical system and discussion among trader friends.
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Nifty 5 Day

CNX-IT 5 Day

BANK 5 Day

ONGC 5 Day

Reliance 5 Day

Coal India 5 Day

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Core idea for Nifty Trading.

  1. Using a momentum oscilator system > MACD.
  2. With a trend following system > EMA System (50,200 min cross)
  3. Keep an eye on Heavy Weights and look for patterns which suggest heavy Breakout in anyone of them. CnxIT, NseBank, Reliance, Ongc, Coal India etc. covers majority of NSE Index.
  4. Try to use Elliott Wave principle for Wave pattern and targets.
Simple CheckList. [Always answer this to yourself and only then take a position]
  • What is EMA saying? Crossover? Clear trend OR Congestion Zone?
  • What is MACD saying? Making new peaks with prices? Divergence? Crossing close to zero line?
  • What are Heavy Weights doing? Making new heighs or in a range? Imp supp and resistances?
  • Spot simple slear Patterns? Channels, Triangles, Wedges, Flats, Head & Soulder?
  • Whats your Stop-Loss? Where would you say that your reason to place a trade went wrong?
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